Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Who am I?

I am she that rides upon the winds,
Flowing with the wind of your prescence.
You shape and mold me,
I'm pulled but not broken.
Shaped into your very image,
So that I would bring calm.
I'm unique and rare, not a freak.
A flower, an orchid in a jungle, whose beauty is rarely seen.
A Lily among the thorns.
Gentleness, calm in a broken world.
You call me to touch with angels wings.
For my spirit to flow out like water.
To impart your heart to your people.
To set the captive free.
You know me inside out and upside down.
You delight in me,
You rejoice in me,
Your favour is upon me.
My heart is so full,
For I have found myself in you.
I see dawn breaking in my heart.
A new day has come.
A new song has come.
The new season at long last is born.

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