Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Running After Emotions

Running after emotions
Is a fools game to play
We think we see the answers
To mend our hurting souls
But we end up more broken
Feeling more alone
I forgot the truth and I lost my way
The very one who could help
Was standing with arms wide open
Right there in front of me
I turned and looked the other way
So I'm more broken than before
Crying out for Him to rescue me
Please come Lord carry me
I've been such a fool
To doubt your true love
Now I'm lying on the floor
Come pick me up out of my mess
Turn my ugliness to beauty
Please sort all the rest
Right now I can't carry on
So can you help me
Dust of the ashes and rise up again.

I love you my child my beautiful one
I see through the tears
The heartache and pain
I will pour in my love and healing rain
Know I see you as you really are
Standing tall and strong
In the midst of a storm
You have made mistakes
But my love covers it all
Healing will come and a new Dawn
Know that I hold all you need
Lift up your burdens and let them go
Trust me with all that you are
You are precious my beautiful one
So run after me with each new day
And I will run to you and with you
Each and every step of the way.
So let it go on the surge of the tide
Lift up your head no more to hide.

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